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Welcome to glamour photography in London: where we make you feel temptingly gorgeous and look beautifully special. I capture the very essence of you through the lens, transposing this to the final photographic frame and giving you a present for life.

Fabulously feminine

Glamour photo shoots in London, by a leading specialist photographer, are a delightful way to experience fun, excitement and pleasure; simply enjoy your natural feminine beauty at its most profound and delectable, and leave with a lasting memory, a treasured portfolio of stunning images. This renowned field of photography is one of the most innovative ways to portray and accentuate the finest characteristics of being female. In classic style or something definitely different, you can be pictured in a graceful pose, liberated, full of charm, in undisturbed excitement, elegant or casual.

Glamour Photography London

At UK Glamour Photo-Video, posing in front of a camera is a relaxing experience, achieved with expert handling, communication and fun engagement. From the outset, you will be fired up with adrenaline, not nerves. I’m a professional photographer with my own glamour photography studio in London; I have built up a wealth of background knowledge in making you feel tremendous, look sparkling and glow with pride. Finding a good glamour photographer in London, who is a skilled professional with passion and flair, is a difficult task. I believe we can offer the best in the business; I use advanced techniques both on set and in post-production. Attention to detail is just one of my key strengths, creating a graceful image that is both refined and elegant.

Wellbeing and comfort

You will quickly feel at ease in comfortable surroundings with perfect lighting, within a subtle, peaceful setting. For commercial clients and London agencies, who often struggle to achieve the specific, desired look, we can create the perfect portfolio. The bespoke process includes choosing locations, clever props, professional hair styling, expert make-up, state of the art lighting and photo composition; when you see the final photographs, you will be astounded and pleasantly surprised. Specialist make-up artists and hair stylists attend to all models, in an unhurried, calm environment. You are given individual attention, helping to make your day with a London glamour photographer one of the most celebrated you will remember. In post-production, I use advanced techniques and specialist retouching to create a flawless image of your natural beauty.

Video & Photographer in London

In a bustling city like London, there are hundreds of modelling agencies competing against one another; success often hinges on who has the best glamour photography portfolio. I am proud of my outstanding achievements and undisputed reputation for producing quality shots. Renowned throughout the industry for reliability and creative balance, I deliver results, however complex the request. With great rates and a wide range of services and backdrops, including boudoir, outdoor locations, specific venue scenarios, portraits or simple studio shots, UK Glamour Photo-Video will arrange a superlative glamour shoot, especially for you.

Browse our gallery of previous work to get an idea of the high end images we produce and contact me on: 07526 439 946.

Please feel free to navigate and read all the information that we offer you so you can get to know us and our services.

By Mick Capture