1. Comfortable, confidence: When you feel good, you look good. At UK Glamour Photo Video our priority is to settle you in, specifically tailoring our sets to make you feel at ease. Alleviating stress or worry is a key factor; with our friendly, convivial team on hand to answer any questions and solve any problems on your day in the limelight, you will feel instantly at home.


2. Clothes, hair, make-up: Our team of make-up artists, hair and wardrobe stylists will work with attention to the finest detail; when posing for your picture, only the best in styling will suffice to make sure you look wonderful. I carefully select the most focused, enthusiastic and skilled professionals to work on my models. The difference this makes to your confidence will be seen and felt.


3. Results: The final photos or video you receive after your shoot will fill you with pride – and they will be the product of a perfectly planned process. Within your treasure trove of shots, you will instantly recognise skill, care and professionalism. After an exhilarating day in front of the camera, as the centre of attention, you will also take away a bundle of fun memories.


Had a great shoot with Mick and his team. They made me feel so comfortable and the photos came out amazing. Make-up and hair was done the way i like it and i couldnt ask for any more. Will shoot with you in the future again Mick,  you are a real glamour photography specialist  . . . x x

Andrea James

Our Mission


Our aim at UK Glamour Photo Video is to deliver incomparable London glamour photography and videography services. We constantly strive for perfection, with all professionals able to work individually to a high level of merit and as a co-ordinated team. However self-conscious or anxious you may feel, posing in the limelight in unfamiliar surroundings with a camera trained on you, you will overcome natural inhibitions.

Glamour photo-shoots London will allow you to see your natural beauty emerge; my ambition is to release your inner radiance, letting you shine physically and emotionally. As a result, the camera lens captures you in perfect harmony with your surroundings; you will be poised and balanced, maintaining a great sense of equilibrium and style.

We help to create amazing stills and videos that can be used to enhance confidence, build a glamour photography portfolio, or help commercial businesses to create eye-catching, promotional material.


We are a team of London glamour photography professionals dedicated to providing the best services in the capital. Led by myself, Mick Capture, an experienced, skilled and internationally published glamour photographer and videographer, we offer top class photography, suitable for both commercial and personal use.


Qualified in photography, film production and lighting, I photograph and supervise retouching of every picture personally. By using creative lighting and effects I work hard to obtain the optimum shot of each model; post-shoot, using advanced software skills, I can add extra shine to skin, reshape the body and perfectly form legs, as well as any other enhancements on request.

Image security

All images are safe from theft as all work is done in-house. Each shoot, meticulously planned myself to offer a unique experience, takes place in either my glamour photography studio in London, where I have a wide range of backgrounds and props, or out on location which we will help you to choose.

My team of professional make-up artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists, who have been published in top international glamour and fashion magazines, are an important part of the process.

The magazine look

Make-up artists are essential; they apply professional make-up which is heavier and stronger to enhance facial contours for the camera; this results in a look normally found in high end glamour and fashion magazines.

Client care

 At UK Glamour Photo Video, all models receive superlative care, before, during and after the shoot. I guide each individual personally, telling them how to pose, what facial expressions to use and how to prepare in order to deliver excellent results every single time.