What is the process for London glamour photography?

As a leading glamour photographer in London, this is a question I get asked frequently. It’s easy when you know how. When you are new to posing in a London glamour photo-studio, it can make the most confident of models feel awkward and unsure. We welcome questions being asked about the process and will go … Continued

The London glamour photography scene

As a glamour photographer in London, I am familiar with every aspect of the trade. This does not make me complacent and unable to empathise with any doubts you may have or worries. Sometimes, this may just be about client care. Models might worry they will be left wondering what happens during a London glamour … Continued

Becoming a glamour photography model in London?

If you are new to this field, I usually find models have lots of questions and everyone is different. Becoming a London glamour photography model is straightforward, but it is wise to ask questions and clear any doubts before your first shoot. Image security Nowadays, with social media, online cyber fraud, and large-scale incidents of … Continued

Feel good with London glamour photography

What do we love most about our job here at Glamour photo-video? Well, there are too many items on the list to name just one. As a glamour photographer in London, I take great delight in so many aspects of my job that it is hard to say in which order my preferences can be … Continued

How can I get quality London glamour photography photos and videos?

At my exclusive glamour photography studio in London, we will draw you into our team from the moment you arrive and work with you to create superb glamour photography stills and videos. Escort photographer London. Quality glamour photos London As a highly experienced and trained glamour photographer in London, I am confident that my finished … Continued

What if I suffer from anxiety with London glamour photography?

What if I suffer from anxiety with London glamour photography? Feeling tense or nervous in front of a camera, especially if it is your first time in a glamour photography studio in London, is common. At UK Glamour Photo-video, we are aware of this difficulty. When you arrive at the studio, one of the first … Continued

Are you ready to be a London glamour photography model?

For a model to demonstrate real poise and elegance, whilst she may have superb skill in managing her body contour, it is not always because she has a natural ability to pose. Very often, the success of a shoot can be due to the underlying skill of the photographer, bringing the atmosphere alive. Glamour photography … Continued

A touch of class in London glamour photography

Being in a glamour photography studio in London for a photo-shoot means presenting the best canvas on which the artists can work and make you shine. This means ensuring your skin is at its very best as well as your body. Think well before the day of the shoot about your routine because it’s easy … Continued

Feeling just great in a London glamour photography studio

When you book a photo shoot with an experienced London glamour photographer, the resulting images will look nothing short of fabulous. However, there is some preparation and thinking which you can do beforehand to make the shoot even better and really get the best out of both you, and the skills of your photographer. When … Continued

Top tips for glamour photography in London

A good London glamour photographer will have an excellent make-up and post-production team working alongside him or her on final images to smooth out your skin and eliminate most of the minor areas of uneven tone. However, you can help them by presenting a healthy-looking skin on which they can work their magic.  Eat a … Continued