A private house venue for London glamour photography

Location for glamour work is one of the things to consider first and often gets forgotten as a priority. Shooting photographs in a private house can produce startling and dynamic images for a glamour photography portfolio.


I have so many years’ experience working as a London glamour photographer inside some of the most glorious private homes. Think stately home and splendour and you will easily imagine the high ceilings with ornate features; brickwork is often finished with a mild, classy but subtle sheen that shouts out splendour.

Sheer elegance

When a model looks relaxed and feels at ease, the result is always better pictures. Within the quiet charm of a private house, relaxation is inevitable.

Relax and recline

Sofas in these houses are tasteful and superb for a model to pose on, stretching lazy limbs. Often a grand piano completes the setting.


Stunning overhead chandeliers, ornate gilt edged mirrors, beautiful soft and rich rugs, together with long elegant swathes of tied back curtains, cannot be replicated in a studio.


Colours can add dimension and tone with lots of subdued, grey, maroon, gold and green furnishings, from curtains to armchairs and wall coverings.


The ambience can be lifted or altered by something as simple as a stand-alone, bath tub, water droplets reflecting in the sparkle of the chandeliers.


Whatever your shade of hair or skin tone, the backdrop of a stately private home can be sensual, exciting and fun, producing a range of vivid images.


A private home provides a superb opportunity to explore the challenge of working with video. A model will invariably come to life before a video camera, cool and effortlessly.

Artistic team

A team of stylists, from make-up artists to wardrobe stylists and hairdressers will help you look your best whilst on location.


A glamour photo-studio London simply cannot reflect such style and grandeur which complements a range of photographic possibilities.