Advantages of a London workshop in glamour photography.

In any profession, there is nearly always something new to learn. This usually means that you will have to undertake a course or training in order to develop your skills. This is exactly why I set up my glamour photography workshop in London.

Learning the ropes

As an enthusiastic would-be glamour photographer, wishing to aspire in the genre and learn the tricks of the trade, it is absolutely essential to follow a glamour photography course in London.

I stress this because I, too, have been there and know the difficulties. Getting yourself into this field of work with enough confidence to feel at ease, is not that easy. On a course, you will learn first-hand the sort of practical details you will need to know about shooting glamour photography images.

Light up in a London glamour photography course

This will include the all-important areas about different lighting, getting the best angle to reflect skin tone and shape. It will also cover the aspect of posing. The latter is particularly difficult in the field of glamour photography as there are many more issues to consider.

Feeling good, looking great

All glamour models, both professional and inexperienced, need to feel at ease with you in the studio. Many may be nervous and if they are not comfortable or doubt your capability and expertise, it will show in the finished product. Posing in different positions and in different scenarios such as in a bath tub, may be excruciatingly hard for some newer models and it is your confidence in your trade that can make the difference.

How to learn techniques of London glamour photography

In my courses for London glamour photography, I get you all engaging with one another first which also helps you to see the advantage of relaxing with strangers.

Together, we go through the basic techniques, helping you to assimilate these in theory before moving to a practical level. You can then experiment, with my support, to perfect these.

Eventually, you will leave confident enough to get your first paid assignments, working with professional glamour models

Contact me for support

For more information about shooting glamour images, or to find out more about my introduction to glamour photography courses in London, please contact me, Mick Capture, on: 07526 439 946.