Building your business: London glamour photography workshops

The glamour photography market is a constantly expanding, with print and digital platforms for quality photography expanding exponentially. Glamour photography courses in London provide you with the skills to tap into this lucrative market to build a new career or supplement your primary income by doing something that you love.

Going pro versus building a hobby 

Not everyone who takes a studio course in glamour photography is going to want to turn their hobby into a business, however. Many amateur photographers are simply looking to develop their studio skills, learn more about the industry and work with talented photographers and models. Whether you are intending to become a professional, or to work as a glamour photographer in your spare time, it is important  to know about the legal aspects of the business. 

Covering yourself 

If you are looking to develop a career as a glamour photographer, then first understand your legal liabilities within any studio space where you are shooting models. What insurance cover do you need in case of accident or injury? What legal agreements should you be making with the model in terms of copyright of images from any shoot, and what do you need to know about model release forms? Many of these same issues apply to amateur photographers as well. How would you feel, having taken a classic image that you want to put up on your website, to discover for example that the model holds the rights to the image and is not willing for this image to be made public? 

Just a small part of it

These are all issues that you have the opportunity to discuss in the relaxed setting of a glamour photography workshop, whilst learning the fundamentals of studio lighting, glamour styling and posing, and networking with other photographers and models. 

If you’d like to find out more about glamour photography in London, or are interested in attending one of my Introduction to Glamour Photography courses.