Creating a glamour photography portfolio

For those models who require photos for their career in glamour work, it’s important to work with a photographer who can easily see the requirements of the job and work in harmony with the model. Agency bookings for events or advertising promotions require a specific photographic talent and experience which a glamour photographer in London should possess

Choosing the right London glamour photographer for professional glamour work, is of such vital importance it cannot be stressed enough. For many who are just starting out, they can easily overlook what aspects in particular separate one glamour photographer in London from another. The London glamour photography studio that will work best for you may be different from that which works for others.

2 tips to help you:

The lighting

A proper glamour photography studio in London will have multiple lighting set-ups so make sure you check this point out before you book. You may assume that any studio is bound to have adequate lighting equipment but this is not always the case.

A top London studio with a professional photographer will demonstrate to you the wide range of lighting set-ups that are available to you. Each will enable the photographer to have the freedom to create different atmospheres and moods. This can make so much difference. It is, in fact, the difference between a resulting disaster and a successful outcome. It is a complete waste of time and money if you are not happy with your pictures after the shoot because they do not have enough variation in lighting. A daytime setting usually needs to have a more natural look, whilst a more intimate evening set may require a gentle glow of light.

Artistic teamwork

An onsite team of skilled hair and make-up artists is a must-have. It not only means professionalism, but also gives each shoot freedom of choice. A strong team is one which works together, almost as one unit, creating atmosphere, fun, vitality as well as style and colour.

If the London glamour photography studios you choose do not display this kind of camaraderie and team spirit, then maybe it is best to go elsewhere because this should be all part of the experience of glamour work for a portfolio. In a sense it should be seen as part of ‘the equipment’ that goes hand in hand with the studio setting. You should never be asked to do your own hair and make-up as this is likely to detract from the desired image.