Diverse beauty: the London glamour photography studio

Articles have abounded in the press recently about the pressures we place on young women to conform to narrower and narrower conceptions of beauty. Increasingly, girls are being told that they will only ever matter if they are stick-thin, possess an unthreatening type of beauty and conform to a demure conception of femininity. The London glamour photographer, perhaps counter-intuitively, is not a part of the problem here, but part of the solution.

Every kind of beautiful

Glamour photography is about beauty in its broadest sense. Women who come to a glamour photography studio in London do so to express their confidence and their sexiness, in whatever way they want to. A glamour photographer in London captures beauty in a thousand different ways. They find beauty in every woman, whether they are a size eight or a size twenty-eight, eighteen or eighty years of age. They light every shade of skin tone, from ivory to ebony, to capture its sensual appeal. They celebrate curves and they celebrate lean angularity.

The woman within

Glamour photography is about so much more than surfaces. In the photography studio, women are free to express themselves in any way they wish. They can be funny, sexy, cheeky, strong; they can tease and they can confront. They are in complete control of the woman they want to be, and the image they want to represent them.

Seeing the real you

An accomplished glamour photographer will always see the woman first, and will work to reflect back her very best self. Sexiness is all about having the confidence to truly express who you are because you know that who you are has value. There is nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, and happy to share this sense of herself with others. Defying other people’s narrow conceptions of beauty just makes the process even more fun.

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