FAQ about Glamour Photography London

Frequently Asked Questions – How to prepare for a Glamour Photo-Shoot


Q. I’ve never been professionally photographed and am unsure of how to pose; will someone be able to guide me?

A. Yes, as a London glamour photographer I have worked with countless first time models and know exactly what guidance is needed for your first photo shoot.

You will feel completely comfortable on set and will receive all the help you need to find and strike your very best pose.

Our top class hair styling and make-up team, the personal direction you will receive on set and our reassuring post-production customer care will make you forget that this is your first professional shoot.

Q. I do not have very smooth skin and have blemishes, tattoos and other issues, will you be able to remove or even these out for me?

A. Of course. The post-production retouching stage, using the most advanced software, means we can remove anything you request – tattoos, skin marks and other issues are not a problem.

In our London glamour photography studio we aim to perfect the photograph to your specification and we can reshape your body however you want. All of our packages come with leg shaping as standard, so that you can obtain the perfect image for your glamour photography portfolio.

Q. Is there any preparation needed for my photo shoot?

A. Yes, for us to get the most exciting and interesting photos, there are various things you can bring to enhance the experience and get the best final product.

Please bring along a selection of lingerie, dresses, shoes and jewellery as well as any other accessories you feel would look good on camera. From experience, I can highly recommended that you bring black and white lingerie with a suspender belt and matching stockings – this classic look always photographs well.

Remember, the more you bring with you, the more combinations we can try to get the most striking stills.

If you are looking to get a tanned look for your portfolio, I would suggest that you have a few sunbed sessions before coming to the shoot. Unfortunately, spray tan does not photograph well so it is best to avoid this.

Make sure your nails are freshly manicured, with your chosen nail varnish colour.

I am always available to have a pre-shoot discussion to help you with your choice of outfits, just give me a call or send me an e-mail.

Q. Is there anything I need to do immediately before the shoot?


A. Please do not apply any make-up, not even foundation. This will all be applied by our resident make-up artist when you arrive for the shoot.


When it comes to your hair, we ask that you wash it the night before but do not put in any conditioner or products, so that our stylists can make your hair look at its very finest on the day.


If you decided to order a shoot without the hair and make-up package, please make sure to arrive ready to shoot so that we don’t have to waste any studio time while you get ready.


One of the most important things before any shoot is to get a good night’s rest the night before; professional models swear by this ‘beauty sleep’ and a well rested model will be more fresh and relaxed on set, and get the best results.


Q. What if I am out of shape but still want to look slim in pictures?


A. No problem, whatever look you want, we can deliver. There is a two stage process to getting the best pictures.


Firstly I will help you pose in the best way to hide any imperfections you are conscious of from the camera.


Secondly, with our highly sophisticated retouching software I can digitally manipulate the images in post-production to make you as slim as you want, remember there is no limit to this, so however slim you want to be, we can make it happen!


Q. What is your cancellation policy cancellation?


A. The £300 deposit that you pay when booking is non-refundable and once the shoot is arranged it cannot be changed.


Q. Where are you based?


A. I do a lot of my glamour photography in London at my own studio but also use a wide variety of locations across the city. Whatever theme you are trying to bring to your portfolio I can help you with and I always make sure that every shoot is unique.