Feel good with London glamour photography

What do we love most about our job here at Glamour photo-video? Well, there are too many items on the list to name just one. As a glamour photographer in London, I take great delight in so many aspects of my job that it is hard to say in which order my preferences can be stated. 

Achieving the best

My overriding aim is to deliver not only excellent, but incomparable, glamour photography and videography services in London, I consider myself fortunate in that I have a wonderful team to assist me every step of the way. 

Glamour photography teamwork

Each time I work with a model, whether a new or a returning one, I strive for perfection. I select members of my team very carefully, searching for professionals who know their craft, take pride in it and who have experience working with a glamour photographer in London. Mick Capture is a glamour and escort photographer in London. Added to this, they need to demonstrate that they can work to a high standard and work well, both individually and within a team. 

Waving doubt away

When a team has confidence in their ability and enjoy their work, it always shows in the finished product. This can be particularly poignant where a model is self-conscious or feels anxious before or during the shoot. For many models it will be the first time they have been within the walls of a glamour photo studio in London. Helping a model to feel more at ease whilst posing in front of a camera in unfamiliar surroundings and then watching them come alive when they overcome natural inhibitions, is one of part of my job that is especially rewarding.

Let the camera roll

You may be looking to get photos for a glamour photography portfolio, for escort photography jobs in London or for magazine work. It makes no difference. Working with my team of great professionals, all of whom are fully trained and experienced, I will help you to see your natural beauty shine out. The camera will love you. Mick Capture is a glamour and escort photographer in London. 

Chain reaction

I enjoy the shoot so much when I see radiance glowing from you in waves, connecting your physical presence to your emotions. This becomes self-propelling after a while as I take the shots, working behind the lens whilst it is trained on you, capturing the essence of your character. We become a part of the surroundings as you become increasingly poised and balanced, with a fascinating sense of equilibrium and style. Mick Capture escort photographer London. It never fails to please and excite me, watching it unfold.

Go, go, go!

If you’d like to find out more about glamour photography in London, or how you can have magazine quality photographs taken, please contact me, Mick Capture.