Feel good, look terrific posing in a London glamour photography studio

Forget having a bad hair day when you have booked a session for London glamour photography.

Here, we give you some great tips and guidelines to keep you looking cool before you arrive for your London glamour photography shoot.

A week before your glamour photos London

Keep out of strong sun. This really is essential. There is nothing worse than arriving for your glamour shoot with red, sore, blistered or sunburnt skin. This is notoriously difficult for studio artists to work with and will be very uncomfortable for you. It will look worse under the glare of studio lighting too. Cover up in hot sun with light clothing or wear an even layer of sun block. Even if you don’t burn easily an uneven tan is likely to spoil your photos, even with the best retouching techniques.

Eating well

For a London glamour photography shoot, it is wise to avoid foods that may cause bloating. We do not advise you go on a crash diet which is unhealthy. However, do be careful about eating too many fresh fruits and vegetables as these can cause bloating. Keep to your normal diet and eat a variety of food in moderation is the best general guide. You will also feel more comfortable and relaxed with lots of energy.

Faking it

Avoid using fake tanning products. Even the most modern ones need a professional make-up artist to apply them correctly without an uneven finish or smearing. It is almost impossible for the team to work with skin that is uneven in colour as a result of using fake tan. Studio lights will also show this up worse and your final photos may be ruined.

Hair all over the place

Don’t spend hours trying to style your hair to perfection. Over treated hair will be a disaster for our team to work with for studio photography. Our professionals will work on your hair and know exactly what they are doing.

Making it up

Arrive without make up and don’t worry about looking perfect. We have a team of expert make-up artists who know what make-up will look best for studio lighting and for you to look your best in the resulting images.

If you’d like to find out more about glamour photography in London, please contact me, Mick Capture, on: 07526 439 946 or email me: ukglamourphotovideo@gmail.com