Feeling just great in a London glamour photography studio

When you book a photo shoot with an experienced London glamour photographer, the resulting images will look nothing short of fabulous. However, there is some preparation and thinking which you can do beforehand to make the shoot even better and really get the best out of both you, and the skills of your photographer.

When you first enter a glamour photo-studio London, looking good with lots of confidence will be greatly helped if you know you can feel at ease with your photographer.

You can look glamorous

Everyone has imperfections and blemishes. There is no need to worry about these, they can be eliminated with clever touch ups post shoot. What is important, though, is spending a few minutes with your glamour photographer in London discussing your aims for the shoot. 

When you’re in a studio, your photographer will want to put you at your ease to get the very best out of you in front of the camera. Talk openly about any concerns or reservations you may have and listen to advice. 

No-one is perfect.

Forget the illusion. Every model will be aware of features and areas of their body with which they are not entirely happy, and which no amount of diet or exercise will improve. A professional who is skilled in London glamour photography will understand your limitations and work with you to help you overcome any doubts you may have and highlight your best features. 

Your resulting photos may not necessarily be for a glamour photography portfolio, but it is still important that you feel and look confident. Think about your photo-shoot as teamwork and enjoy the time. Holding yourself in reserve will cause tension which will be reflected in your final photos.

Speak easy

Communication is also important when looking at lighting sets, props, wardrobe and the various poses to take focus off the areas of your body you most dislike or want to conceal. 

You may be amazed at the techniques which a highly experienced London glamour photographer can use to help bring out your best features, from short legs, large arms to an abdomen which is too round or out of proportion with legs. Just relax and talk to your glamour photographer. He or she will be aware of the right poses for you and help you to reposition or adjust a pose to make you look taller or leaner.

If you’d like to find out more about glamour photography in London, or how you can have magazine quality photographs taken, please contact me.