Glamour photography at its best

There is no doubt that glamour photography in London, as an industry, has boomed in the last few years. One of the reasons for this is the calibre of the professional photographers who offer this service; it’s wise to look for the most articulate and talented.


Another reason is that where once, glamour models would have typically been experienced and with super perfect bodies, they are now coming in from every walk of life and you don’t have to have a waif like or model perfect body, hair and skin.

To enjoy getting the very best out of being photographed in a glamour photography studio in London, you don’t even have to have catwalk or magazine experience.

Anyone from any age or background can come into my studio and be photographed for glamour work. It is this that makes the industry so accessible and such a pleasant experience for so many.


With its emphasis on the modern touch of open to all, not just a select few, being photographed by a London glamour photographer is an exciting experience.

However, it is wise to check your photographer out first and make sure you are getting the very best. Standards vary and whilst acquiring a professional glamour photography portfolio isn’t always the aim, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come away with a set of photos worthy of this standard.


At its best, the flavour and atmosphere of glamour photography in London is dynamic. No wonder it is so popular. At my studios, UK Glamour Photo-Video, it is not only equipped with the very best in technical equipment but it is always fun with lots of laughter.




To get the best, you don’t have to be the best, but you do have to get the best. That is why I insist you come and meet me first as your glamour photographer. No experience is necessary. I will help unravel your shyness, and I can almost guarantee you won’t feel awkward or embarrassed. In the right hands, this is how it should be.




With a team of make-up and hair styling artists, my aim is to be professional at all times and ensure you come away with a set of photographs for which you can feel proud. You will also have a wonderful memory.




Simply contact UK Glamour Photo Video here [link] or callm. 07526 439 946for more information, or to book your appointment. Let us guide you in how you can possess photographic images of yourself that are stunning, sensual and a great reflection of the inner ‘you’.