Glamour photography in London for all

Myths abound in all subjects and in the field of glamour photo-shoots London, there are many confusions.


The biggest single misunderstanding is that this type of modelling is only accessible to those long, leggy, lithe models who have lots of experience.

At my glamour photo-studio London, this is far from the case. The vast majority of models who walk through my door have never been in front of a professional camera lens before in a studio, or location, setting.

Paid work

There are, of course, skills that are necessary to do this type of work but they can be easily acquired without training.


The other myth to banish is thatglamour photography London is something for which you will be paid and your photos will be whizzing around the world and in the pages of glossy magazines or used by advertising companies.


Again, this is not true. You can come to my studio and be photographer just for yourself or to give as a gift or as a received gift, the choice is yours. Naturally, I do photograph experienced models and they will typically book a photo session in order to add more shots to their glamour photography portfolio.


The main skills required are to feel you can express yourself in front of the lens. Whilst many amateur models don’t know how to achieve this, I can help. I can talk you through much of what is required whilst on set and we can also have an initial chat before your shoot. There are no rules.


You also need to feel relaxed enough to diversify and experiment with different poses, fresh accessories and a change of lighting. We can discuss a range of locations, some of which you may never have thought about. Small nuances and simple adjustments can make a big difference, changing a shot from subtle elegance to flashy, zebra charm in an instant.


One of the main elements to get right is your approach to the shoot. You may well feel shy and nervous but if you are prepared to engage and see the session as fun and lively, you will gain the most from it.

The final finish

The final photographs, which can be retouched, always surprise my new models, simply because they see how stunning they can look with photos taken in a glamour photography studio London. It’s about being professional, individual and you.

The end result for any photo shoot is to receive a beautiful set of wonderful photographs, professional and individual.


To find out more or book a London glamour photography shoot, give me a call.