Gorgeous London glamour photography

There has been a worrying trend over the last few years of male models getting more muscle and female models becoming skinnier.

More and more, people with real bodies are asking where the diversity is, and rejoicing in difference? Where are the models who reflect their sense of themselves? London fashion photography continues to bury its head in the sand when it comes to answering these questions, whereas the London glamour photography studio has a long history of celebrating diversity.

Just the way you are

One of the things I love about being a London glamour photographer is that I get to celebrate beauty in all its forms. From behind my camera, I capture the sexiness of curves as well as angularity, of age as well as youth, and of black skin as well as white. I have the opportunity through my work to show women as the individuals they are, rather than as a series of standardised clothes hangers.

Seeing the true you

I genuinely believe a good glamour photographer in London will always see the woman first, and the model second. This means seeing the sexiness of a woman’s warmth and personality before the beauty of her shape. Being sexy is about so much more than being the perfect size eight, and I use my photographic skills to let every woman see for herself just how sexy she really is. There is nothing more exciting than watching a woman become empowered in front of the camera, growing in confidence as she realises she can be herself, and just herself.

What is sexiness, after all, but feeling confident and happy in your own skin, and expressing this to the people around you? Every woman should be able to do this, to celebrate who she is, and share this sense of herself with others. No woman should feel she isn’t sexy because she doesn’t fit a fashion template devised by men. Be your own beautiful person.