How will I benefit from a London glamour photography workshop?

As an experienced photographer, you may be tempted to think that you can easily slide into working in the field of glamour photography in London. This may not necessarily be the case.

Confidence equals relaxation

I set up my glamour photography workshop in London because I struggled initially to gain confidence in this area. On my course, specifically tailored to help you adapt your skills, one of the first things you will gain is confidence in handling new techniques. This, in turn, will help your model to relax and feel at ease. If you are working with less experienced models or those new to the field, many will be feeling self-conscious and uneasy in front of a camera lens whilst trying to establish a natural pose.

Expensive hobby

In the past, being equipped with the skills to carve out a career as a successful London glamour photographer, may not have seemed worth it as many photographers couldn’t find enough work to make it pay.

All that has changed and mainly due to the advent of the digital camera world. However, you are likely to need to follow a glamour photography course in London to be able to establish yourself as a professional in this field.

A glamour photography London workshop

With the technology boom, digital photography is now the norm and there are many platforms for displaying, and selling, your work. You can also create your own gallery online whilst continuing to sell to print outlets in addition to selling images required by individual models and their agencies. 

In addition, quality cameras and photographic equipment are much less expensive. 

However, you do need to learn how to use the technology, in a relaxed manner, from an experienced London glamour photographer.

The great thing is that with this technology, once you have mastered the essentials, you can now play around more freely and experiment. Using a memory card and not having to pay for each image on film as in time gone past is an excellent adjunct to this.

It isn’t all about digital of course. Time for Prints (TfL) is a great way to get yourself established on the scene, offering newer models prints for free in return for your time.

For more information about shooting glamour images, or to find out more about my introduction to glamour photographic courses in London, please contact me, Mick Capture, on: 07526 439 946.