How to become a London glamour photography model

I have many years’ experience working as a glamour photographer in London. One of the things I have developed is an eye for spotting potential and latent talent.

Sometimes, the model is totally unaware of this and may not even feel confident as a glamour model. They may have booked for their first glamour photography portfolio and be feeling very nervous. Yet I can very often see the underlying talent from the moment a model walks through my studio door.

Let’s get talking in a glamour photography studio in London

One of the best techniques I use before I even begin to click the shutter on the camera is to talk. Talking is a great therapy to release the nerves of the least confident or most anxious models.

Team glamour

My entire team of experts, which include hair stylists, wardrobe professionals and make-up artists also know the tricks of the trade to eliminate nerves. They will also know how to engage with you from the moment you walk into the studio. We will quickly see you be transformed from an inexperienced amateur to a starlet with amazing potential for glamour photos London

The confidence trick

Confidence can rapidly rise. We have seen the most shy and uncertain models becoming assured, at ease and looking terrific within an hour of arriving. Talent and potential is usually there, somewhere, and when I see it springing out it is an ecstatic feeling, motivating everyone.

Emotional glamour

If you are looking to get paid work as a glamour model, it is essential to remember that showing the full width of your emotions is essential. This is exactly what agents and talent spotters look for. It will show in front of the camera and lift a photos session to another level. The resulting photos have a far superior quality.


Contrasting colours work well in glamour photo-shoots London. This applies to your clothing as well as make-up and is good to remember. The team of professionals will be constantly looking at reflecting light patterns and mixing and matching techniques to capture the reflections to optimum value.