London glamour photography: standing the test of time

A glamour photographer in London looks to create timelessly beautiful images. If you look at the great glamour photography images of the twentieth century, whether they are of Marilyn Monroe or Pamela Anderson, what you notice about them is their seamless elegance. This is because glamour photography is about capturing timeless beauty that lasts, whereas fashion photography is about capturing a style that impresses or shocks, then is made redundant by the next fashion trend.

But how can you be sure, when you step into a glamour photography studio in London, that your images are still going to look elegant and sexy ten, twenty or even thirty years from now, and not like some fashion throwback? There are a few simple rules to follow when working on your look which should preserve your images so that the only emotion you feel when you look back on them is pride.

Beware the season’s hottest trend

As we have touched on already, glamour photography is about you far more than it is about what’s happening in the world of fashion at the time your images were shot. So try to avoid any image that will pin your pictures to a moment in time. When we look back at glamour images from the seventies it is difficult to see beyond the wedge heels and psychedelic prints; nineties images can sometimes seem to be all about minimalist lines and overly sleek hair. What are the standout signatures of twenty-teens? Strappy sandals? Fake tan? Whatever you decide they are, it might be best just to pare these looks down a bit in the glamour photography studio to ensure that at some point in the future you don’t look back on them and realise you’re playing second fiddle to your outfits.

Ask the professionals

If in doubt, remember you have a team of experts – photographer, stylist, make-up artist – working with you, who can all give you the benefit of their experience, as they work to make you look better than you ever have before.