London glamour photography that lasts

You want your favourite photos to last forever. Those pictures that capture you exactly as you see yourself are, after all, few and far between.

When all you want is for people to see you in this way, there’s nothing more annoying than photos from the past where all anyone notices is your seventies eye shadow or overly-styled hair.

Glamour photography portfolio for you

How do you ensure that the stunning photos you have taken in a London glamour photography studio in 2017 last the test of time, and still look stylish ten years from now? As a glamour photographer in London, with years of experience taking timeless glamour shots, I have compiled a few top tips to bear in mind.

Style versus fashion

A great thought to keep in your head as you think about the styling and makeup for a shoot is that fashion soon dates, whereas style is timeless. Fashion is built around the disposable, whereas style is about qualities that never date, such as beauty and sensuality. Think back over styles that encapsulate this quality of timelessness, and incorporate them into your shoot. Think elegant rather than cutting edge, and you can’t go far wrong. Linen shirts, satin and silk, and delicate lace have all lasted the test of time. Neon make-up, cork wedge heels and thongs, on the other hand, have not.

Stylish styling

The same lessons apply to hair and accessories. A style that might seem standard at a certain point in fashion history can appear ridiculous a few years later. Just think back, for example, to the shoulder pads, giant earrings and bouffant hair of the eighties. To avoid becoming a victim to this phenomenon, avoid excess. Pare down really big hair, remove overly glitzy accessories, and let the camera see you rather than simply what you’re wearing. After all, if glamour photography is about anything, it is about just that.

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