London glamour photography with a friend

It’s perfectly acceptable to bring along a friend and model together in the same shoot. This also applies to professional models, even if they are working on their London glamour photography portfolio.

Final photographs

The resulting images can reflect the dual personalities, working together, intertwining and opposing. A portfolio can be enhanced in this way, demonstrating your versatility and ease when working with others. Less experienced girls may feel more confident with a friend in the shoot.

Experienced photographer

For the London glamour photographer who is experienced and knows how to handle two models at once, this does not cause any extra work. It is usually exciting, creating sparkle and connection when two distinct characters blend and mould together.


One of the benefits of organising a shoot with more than one model is that you can expand and vary the poses. Many poses simply wouldn’t work with just one model and two creates the desired effect.

A glamour photographer in London

A photographer who has developed the right skill sets will help you to choose appropriate poses to capture imagination and add style to your images. You can sit back to back, one of you standing while the other sits or looped together on a couch and floor.

Capturing features

When working with two models on the same shoot, the challenge is in combining the two personalities, forging a compliment and defined link between the two to get the best shots.

A London glamour photographer

A knowledgeable glamour photographer in London will be aware of how the lens can best be used to capture the best features of both models. This can also add to the fun of the atmosphere, helping with engagement and relaxation.