London glamour photography workshops tailored to you

Whenever I teach my London glamour photography courses, I’m always surprised at the range of motivations people have for wanting to learn more about this particular art.

Some of the photographers who enrol are already fairly established in their own right and are simply looking for new insights and inspirations. Others know their way around a camera but haven’t had exposure to studio facilities and are keen to see how they can apply their skills to the medium. Others still have had very little practical photographic experience at all, but have harboured a lifelong dream to shoot glamour, and my courses provide them with the opportunity to do just that.

Bespoke, personalised teaching

Whatever your motivation for wanting to learn more about studio glamour photography, I tailor all my teaching to your needs and level of experience to ensure you finish the course with skills and practical insights that will help you to push your own photographic practice forwards.

For some photographers, this might be about learning the fundamentals of studio lighting, and of a few simple lighting sets that can be relied upon to produce classic glamour looks. For others it might be an exploration of more advanced lighting techniques that will separate you from the ranks. For others still, it might be an appreciation of the softer skills required of all glamour photographers, such as the ability to make a model feel confident and supported in front of the camera, or the ability to offer clear instructions on poses and looks.

Group learning

Whatever your reason for wanting to take one of my London glamour photography courses, I am there to ensure you take away from the course what you had aimed for. The great thing about workshops however, is that they are constantly throwing up surprises and everyone is learning from everyone else. You may in fact end up leaving having learned something you hadn’t even considered you needed to know, but that will prove to be totally transformative to your glamour photography.

For more information about shooting glamour images, or to find out more about my introduction to glamour photography courses in London, please contact me, Mick Capture, on: 07526 439 946 or email me: