Make-up for the London glamour photography studio

It is tempting to head to a shoot for a London glamour photographer already in full make-up. As a professional photographer however, I always advise that make-up and styling, unless you are an experienced model or make-up artist, is better left to the experts. 

Expert knowledge

A glamour photography studio in London will generally incorporate a dressing room with all of the facilities required for expert styling and make-up. Most photographers will also have professional stylists and make-up artists assisting them, with invaluable experience of preparing models for the very specific lighting conditions of the photographic studio. 

A different light

Your stylist and make-up artist really are an invaluable resource. They understand not only the styles and looks that will work for you, but also how to apply them to maximum advantage. You may be an expert in applying daytime and evening make-up, but the demands of studio lighting are very different. Because studio lights are stronger than other forms of artificial lighting, they can either bleach out conventional make-up, or highlight unsubtle application. Make-up for studio, as a result, demands a very specific and practised application. 

Open and honest

If you are worried about letting someone else apply your make-up, spend time with your make-up artist before the shoot. Open up to them about the type of make-up you feel comfortable and confident wearing, and the looks you want to experiment with, as well as those you want to avoid. Talk to them as you would to a friend, and don’t feel self-conscious opening up about any complexities or issues you may have with your skin, or your look in general. 

Your stylist and make-up artist are there to make you look better than you ever have before. Take advantage of their knowledge and input to get the very most out of your studio experience.