Looking plain good in a glamour photography studio in London

Glamour photography in London is associated with looking exotic, sexy and very beautiful. However, this doesn’t mean to say you look the same as everyone, as if cloned; nor does it mean you can’t look sophisticated.

Class distinction

With tasteful shots by a professional London glamour photographer, you can look elegant and alluring.

Looking your best means being your best; it means allowing a team of professionals, from hair stylists, to make-up artists to do their job, with you as the central focus.


Sensuality can come oozing through in the shots, reflecting your individuality without a stereotype feeling of identical images.

Each model brings with her a different set of characteristics so that the studio positively vibrates with the terrific atmosphere and buzz.


A glamour photographer in London who knows his job and can create the right scene around the model, using clever lighting, varied props and innovative locations will bring out your natural character with a rich glow.

With each click of the camera, another fabulous shot is taken; glamour photos London, professionally produced, will shout out expression, every trait of personality, every mood and feature in a calm, natural way.


Focusing on what is important and the mood that is prevalent in the studio or on location, the photographer, model and team will be working in unison, adapting to both capability and challenge.

Glamour photo-shoots London are about knowledge, professionalism and the skill of the cameraman and how creatively he can see potential and play to it.


This talent should be a regular part of the photographer’s job, not a major hurdle with one particular model or an inexperienced amateur. It requires years of dedication to the job, precision in knowing the exact time to click the camera and of course patience and sensitivity.

Using the natural, uninhibited talents that every model possesses together with catching the spirit and flair present in the room means you can look just plain good.


These talents blend with mastering how to catch your flair as it radiates from you and this is an element I work on as the shoot progresses.

Mick is friendly, fun and relaxing to work with; give him a call.