5 reasons why Mick Capture photographed Danielle in a penthouse apartment

In the world of London glamour photography, all models have their own outstanding traits which set them apart from the crowd. With glamour model Danielle, I felt that shooting in a penthouse apartment would emphasise her stunning figure and features, while bringing out her personality on camera.

5 exciting locations for a glamour photo shoot

Shooting interesting, exciting and alluring glamour photography in London is a matter of precision planning. Alongside the intricate details of a shoot, one of the integral aspects to choose is where to be photographed. Whenever I’m not on set, I’m constantly seeking out new places to shoot.

The importance of photo-location in glamour photography

For a London glamour photographer, the ability to produce elegant images comes from blending several key components. Hair, make-up, clothing, equipment and props are crucial for a photo-shoot; yet without the right choice of location, they are worthless. A carefully selected location will portray you, and your style, in a rich and evocative setting, with … Continued

The elegance of black and white glamour photography

There are times when the vivacity of colour photography is not needed for an exceptional glamour photo shoot. Because each time on set is different, sometimes the use of colour acts merely as a distraction.

Glamour photography studio London.

For eye catching photography a vital first step is the setting of the scene: choosing the right studio can make or break a glamour photography portfolio. A photo shoot is an intimate personal moment between a model and photographer; the right setting and atmosphere in the studio allows this unique bond the freedom to thrive. … Continued

The glitz of the glamour photography portfolio

The glitz of the glamour photography portfolio One of the most popular reasons for wanting to book a session with a London glamour photographer is to compile your own portfolio. As a collection of your finest photos, a portfolio is a very useful tool when trying to find professional modelling jobs or when working with … Continued

10 Tips for Glamour Photography Portfolio

10 top tips for a glamorous portfolio In the competitive industry of glamour photography in London, success depends on having a portfolio with elegant and exciting photos; preparation is of utmost importance. Read my 10 top tips to help you have a smooth photo shoot and get the classy glamour photography portfolio you need.