Perfecting your London glamour photography look

A London glamour photographer is always going to make you look great – and it feels great to enter the studio knowing you are looking your best. So what sort of pre-shoot skin routine should you adopt to ensure you are on top form for your big day? Below, I have listed a few easy-to-follow … Continued

Building your business: London glamour photography workshops

The glamour photography market is a constantly expanding, with print and digital platforms for quality photography expanding exponentially. Glamour photography courses in London provide you with the skills to tap into this lucrative market to build a new career or supplement your primary income by doing something that you love. Going pro versus building a … Continued

Gorgeous London glamour photography

There has been a worrying trend over the last few years of male models getting more muscle and female models becoming skinnier.

London glamour photography that lasts

You want your favourite photos to last forever. Those pictures that capture you exactly as you see yourself are, after all, few and far between.