London Glamour Photography Within a Private Home

  Away from a glamour photo-studio London, a glamour photography session in a sumptuous private home can result in some startlingly dynamic photos. For any London glamour photography portfolio, this type of backdrop has almost become a prerequisite.

London Glamour Photography in the Bedroom

One of the most fashionable trends in London glamour photography at the moment is the bedroom shoot. The classic boudoir photo shoot is an increasingly popular area for a professional London glamour photographer to shoot classy shots of you.

Top posing tips for London glamour photography models

It isn’t just about a London glamour photographer taking great pics of you. You, as the model, also have a huge part to play. You can support the photographer to get the best from the shoot by knowing a little bit in advance about the best ways to pose. This is an area where many … Continued

London glamour photography with a friend

It’s perfectly acceptable to bring along a friend and model together in the same shoot. This also applies to professional models, even if they are working on their London glamour photography portfolio.

London glamour photography equals London glamour chic

Glamour photography in London is different from other genres of photographic work. It isn’t just about producing sexy photos, it’s about images that spell chic and taste and that are truly in a class of their own.

Creating a glamour photography portfolio

For those models who require photos for their career in glamour work, it’s important to work with a photographer who can easily see the requirements of the job and work in harmony with the model. Agency bookings for events or advertising promotions require a specific photographic talent and experience which a glamour photographer in London … Continued

ooking plain good in a glamour photography studio in London

Glamour photography in London is associated with looking exotic, sexy and very beautiful. However, this doesn’t mean to say you look the same as everyone, as if cloned; nor does it mean you can’t look sophisticated.

Model advice for glamour photography in London.

Everyone deserves the experience of being a model for a day: trying on gorgeous, sexy clothes, and being made to look stunning to a team of professional fashion and hair stylists , makeup artists , photographers and photography re-touchers .

London glamour photography: discovering real beauty

The days are slowly passing when a single ideal of female beauty cowed ‘imperfect’ women. We’re entering an age of diversity, where women define beauty in their own terms, and are readier and more confident in dismissing the tyranny of perceived female perfection. Hence, the emergence of glamour photography studios in London.