Glamour photography courses in London: lighting like a pro

You can have the most beautiful and natural of glamour models in the studio, perfectly styled and made up, but if you don’t understand glamour lighting you are never going to get the optimum results that see your work published and recognised

Looking great for London glamour photography

A London glamour photography studio shoot pretty much takes care of itself. Once you walk through the studio doors you are looked after by a professional team of makeup artists, stylists and photographers.

London glamour photography: showing the real you

We live in a society that increasingly demands a prescriptive physical perfection. The drive is always to look younger, to be thinner and to have a more perfect complexion.

Why take a glamour photography workshop in

One of the reasons given by some wannabe glamour photographers for not pursuing their interest is that London glamour photography is too expensive to have as a hobby, and too difficult to make money from as a professional.

London glamour photographer top tips

London glamour photographer top tips A London glamour photography studio presents the opportunity for you to be whoever you want to be. There are a hundred evocative styles to be explored, whether you’re into fifties Hollywood glamour or a stripped back, minimal contemporary look.

Glamour Photography Courses

Glamour photography courses in London I can remember when I was first considering shooting glamour photography, and struggling with how I could get the experience I needed to feel confident working professionally.