Perfect lighting and the glamour photographer in London.

The glamour photography studio in London provides the perfect opportunity to capture beauty in a different light. It is one of the few spaces where professional lighting rigs and the know-how of the photographer allow for total control over lighting sources, and the results of this control can be spectacular. Whether you are looking for dramatic, contrasting images, or classic, soft-shadowed glamour, you have optimum control for optimum results.

Un-natural lighting

We have all taken photos of ourselves on glorious summer days and been horrified by the results: harsh lighting that cuts across faces at unflattering angles, and captures every flaw and blemish. In the professional London glamour photography studio, by contrast, photographers are like magicians, bending light sources to their will, and conjuring soft, luminescent light that paints us with its soft glow, and can do nothing but flatter.

Tools for the job

The professional photographer has a great tool kit of accessories at their disposal to ensure perfect glamour lighting, from beauty lamps to snoots to soft boxes to reflectors, all of which can be secured from floor stands or brackets attached to the studio ceiling, and angled to the most flattering of effects.

Working in unison

It is often in the combination of these lighting sources that the real magic happens. While a beauty lamp is trained to fall over the face, for example, creating the classic glamour of soft shadows falling from eyelashes and the bow of the lips, a snoot can be angled to fall onto your hair and provide added texture, and a soft box can back-light to enhance the depth, contrast and drama of your images.

It is only in the photography studio that you can be in such total control of the light that you are photographed in, and the photographer can so minutely control and adapt exposures to ensure magazine quality images.

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