Posing correctly for London glamour photography

Glamour photography London is like no other type of professional photography. The model and photographer work together, as one team.

The model helps the photographer with poses and vice versa.

Taking control in a London glamour photography studio

Don’t worry about feeling free and doing as you please. Your London glamour photographer is not there to take all the control and it is essential to have a free spirit. If you feel good posing, it is likely you will look good.

Judge for yourself

By all means ask your glamour photographer London for tips and advice. Once you understand some of the insider knowledge and tips of the trade, you will soon adapt, making steady judgements, adjusting from simple to more complex poses, and getting it just right for a great shot.


There is no need to feel you are limited to a certain set of defined rules. You can enjoy so much flexibility in glamour photo-shoots London. You can pose standing, sitting, lying down, sprawling on a chaise-longue, anything goes.

Outdoors and indoors

If you are being photographer outdoors, be prepared to interact with the space and scenery that surrounds you. This is no different from the way you need to interact with the space around you in an indoor studio.

Take note of flowers, trees, grass, soil and sand. Look at the weather, even the wind, squall and rain. Think about sound, such as birdsong, and be aware of the mood of a sunrise or sunset. Look around you at where the shadows fall and how they interplay so well with mood and atmosphere.

Standing, sitting, lying down

You can achieve great poses in all of the above ways. Your mannerisms will be portrayed differently in each and body language is a great tool to use to its maximum potential. Avoid looking dull, stiff or lifeless in any pose. Let your spirit and personality come to light and be seen. Feel comfortable and at ease in whichever pose you choose, rather than awkward or self-conscious. The photos will be all the better for a free and relaxed mind, open to any possibility.