Taking a glamour photography workshop in London

In my job, I photograph beautiful women for a living, and then see the results of my work published in respected men’s magazines such as Playboy.

Many people fail to understand how much technical skill, experience and sheer hard work go into creating beautiful glamour photography. I’m not just referring to the time I spend shooting, but the time I spend preparing for shoots, experimenting with lighting equipment and techniques, keeping up with styles in the glamour photography world, and getting the very best from raw images in post production. This is one of the reasons I am running an introductory glamour photography course in London: to share some of the skills I have learned.

Amateur to professional 

The courses are intended for anyone looking to gain a practical understanding of what goes into creating stunning glamour photos. Maybe you are a keen amateur photographer wanting to know the secret to getting more professional-looking shots of a partner. Maybe you are looking to break into the lucrative glamour photography market and planning to set up your own studio?

Skill sets

Whatever your motivations, I can help you with the skills you need to take your glamour photography to the next level. In my practical studio courses, with stunning professional models, I will be passing on many of the fundamental lighting and styling skills I have learned from twenty years in the business, working with some of the most respected UK glamour photographers.

The fundamentals of glamour photography are similar to those of other forms of studio portraiture, but with a few twists and turns along the way. There are lighting techniques specific to the genre, classic glamour looks that it is important to be able to recreate, and issues of sound business practice that need to be understood.

If you’d like to find out more about glamour photography in London, or are interested in attending one of my Introduction to Glamour Photography courses, please contact me, Mick Capture, on: 07526 439 946 or email me: ukglamourphotovideo@gmail.com