Taste the glitz of glamour videography

Glamour photography in London is a superb way to try out a new experience, and there is another golden opportunity waiting in the wings when you do. Have you thought about London glamour videography?


Many reputable glamour photography studios, including mine at UK Glamour Photo-video, now offer videography. It’s quietly evolving and, like photography in glamour, it is open to all. Aspiring models who are busy creating their glamour photography portfolios, are loving this new way to show off their skills.

Spread of word

In addition, now that word is spreading, so are many other people trying it out from all walks of life, and with no experience of modelling.

It’s exciting and a tremendous way to reveal yet more inner beauty, this time in the fluidity of motion.


It’s also energetic, enticing and easy.

You work alongside the glamour photographer as usual; he will direct you and allow you your own space and freedom of movement. You can respond to his camera as it zooms in on you and in the midst of filming you can also stay still and strike a gentle pose.


The benefits are immense. After the shoot, fine editing can produce a short film of a good standard of you moving gracefully and elegantly across the set.

There is no doubt that glamour videography provides an element of surprise. Choose a cameraman of quality and who possesses the experience of using a range of camera techniques and you can’t go far wrong.


As always with glamour work, the support from the make-up artist is invaluable. London glamour photography demands high standards and nothing less than the best in make-up artistry will do. Before, and on set, make-up is the factor to get right.


The great thing about video is that it allows clothes, make-up hair and movement to blend, intertwine and play with each other. The result is impact that can take the breath away; style and charm in one captivating shoot.


For the creation of video, the cameraman really does need to be an expert. There are no half measures with video. He or she must be able to hold, turn and manipulate the camera in synchronisation with you as you move around.

Treasure trove

Zooming in, panning and creative use of lighting all add fascinating dimensions and endless opportunity. In video, it is like a kaleidoscope of imagination and technique, with you the central focus.

If you would like to find out more about videography, why not explore www.glamourlondonphotography.co.uk and view how other models have used film to boost their image and enhance their day on set.