The best glamour photographer in London

Perfecting a London glamour photography image is not merely a case of doing your hair and make-up well and bringing along a few nice garments and accessories, hoping the camera will do the rest.

Everyone’s idea of flattering jewellery and what looks good on them is different. But when you have booked your glamour photo-shoot in London, whilst the best glamour photographers will guide you, it’s a good idea to give this some thought beforehand.

Avoid the glitter bug

Jewellery should enhance a photo in a subtle manner, not take over, hiding you in a brash display of sparkle. This also applies for lots of sequinned or jewel-studded clothing. Let the lens of the camera focus on you, not a bling-filled person that will detract and distort. This also means removing giant, dangly earrings. By the same token, remove any shiny, glitzy bits and pieces from your hair, like clips, bands and nets. You don’t want to come away looking like a picture of an obscure saint. 

As for hairstyle, keep it simple. If you go to the hairdressers beforehand and ask for a big bouffant blow-wave, you are more likely going to add to this saintly image with a cloud of hair burst surrounding your head. Streaks of vibrant hair colour like bright green, fluorescent pink or blue are best avoided.

Think ahead

The best London glamour photographer on the scene will make you look just right with his camera lens, combined with subtle lighting and great props. That is all you need. Forget the rest. Even for models wishing to create a professional glamour photography portfolio, the same applies.

Yes, it really is that simple. Less is more when it comes to glamour. A good photographer will have everything you need in a London glamour photography studio. He or she will have trained over years and know their craft well. Yes, he can advise on arrival but better by far to be one step ahead and know beforehand a little of what is expected. By arriving in the studio with the right essentials, knowledgeable and ready for the shoot, you will also generate instant engagement and more enthusiasm from your cameraman.

Find out more

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