The London glamour photography scene

As a glamour photographer in London, I am familiar with every aspect of the trade. This does not make me complacent and unable to empathise with any doubts you may have or worries.

Sometimes, this may just be about client care. Models might worry they will be left wondering what happens during a London glamour photo-shoot or that they will be plunged into the scene without knowing very much beforehand. London escort photographer Mick Capture. Others may be feeling so unfamiliar with the surroundings that they feel genuine anxiety.

Record of achievement

At UK Glamour Photo Video, I am proud of my record of giving all models a high level of pastoral support, caring about their individual needs. This begins pre-shoot, continues during the shoot, and goes on long after the shoot. Whilst it takes patience to help each model, I believe it is worthwhile taking the extra time.

Let me help you

I enjoy giving my guidance to each client, based on years of experience and knowledge. I tell models about the best poses and how to pose. I even demonstrate and help you to attain facial expressions which will attract and resonate with magazine editors, commissioning agents and escort agency personnel. 

Be prepared

With my advice, I help models prepare for the camera, knowing the resultant photos will be of an excellent quality and have not been rushed. They will not only make you proud, you will see the skill, professionalism and diligence that has gone into making them. I am confident you will look back and see how the process from start to finish was well-organised with care and control.

Smile, you’re on camera!

Your day as a London glamour photography model will certainly be exhilarating, being the centre of attention with a camera lens trained on you. I hope you find it fun, too, giving you a gift of memories that will often make you smile. 

Go for the best

To become a part of the fascinating world of London glamour photography is not complicated. The difficult part is finding an authentic and qualified London glamour photographer who knows what is and more importantly, what is not, required. 

To book a photo-shoot with a glamour photographer in London who will help you to acquire a glamour photography portfolio, it is essential to find an experienced, talented and qualified professional who understands and cares about this genre of photography. The photographer should also have a strong team of artists to support him or her and who are equally experienced.

Come and visit my studio

If you’d like to find out more about glamour photography in London, or how you can have magazine quality photographs taken, please contact me, Mick Capture glamour photographer London.