The best glamour photo shoot London locations

Location is everything. If you want your glamour photography in London to look good, and I mean really good, give some thought to location. The trick is to plan and prepare. The aim is for shots to be alluring, sexy, enticing…and infinitely interesting. Any London glamour photographer will tell you place is important. A top class photographer will go further and explain how it is the detail of background and setting that is an integral aspect of the shoot.

Take a look at these suggestions:

The luxury penthouse

This kind of backdrop is often synonymous with creating a glamour photography portfolio. but not necessarily. The photo-shoot can be a great way to put different styles together, set amidst the elegant surrounding of a stylish apartment.

The bed can be used to create an enticing seductive scene with you stretching languorously upon its silken covers, calm and serene. Or how about relaxing on the roof terrace or at the kitchen breakfast bar?

When you are perched above the rooftops of London, you can see for miles, admiring the City skyline whilst enjoying a glamorous phot-shoot.

The great outdoors

London glamour photography is well-matched with an outdoor shoot. Instead of the City, you could equally well feel at ease in the midst of the British countryside, amongst the green fields and rolling hills, the trees and the flowers, the pathways, gates and woods.

The studio

A glamour photography studio in London still remains a first class choice with lots of options to choose from. The variety of lighting and backgrounds can lift a shoot to a new level and create an instantaneous different mood.

A studio is flexible and fun. It has props on hand and models feel at ease. Never underestimate the wonders of using a studio for a glamour photo-shoot.

Victorian manor

With the essence of the Victorian era surrounding you, the superb architecture of a period house is a delight. There is always a variety of rooms and windows, which let in the natural light. An ideal setting for glamour.

An eccentric staircase makes a superlative shot, and sash windows lend the historic air of elegance. It is posterity and prosperity in one fascinating gulp.

Add this to the charm, feel of luxury and splendour and you can sense the majestic presence of times gone by.

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