The best locations for glamour Photography in London

Location is everything. The backdrop for your glamour photo-shoots London can have stunning effects on your final images.

This can happen in a variety of ways. The location can embrace energy, spirit and invention, all in a fantastic bubble.

The appeal of London glamour photography

When location is blended with the correct make-up, it is truly astonishing how both you, as a model, and the background entwine and become threaded one with the other. It is like a fascinating equation with you as an integral part of what makes it work. This is what makes glamour photos London so exciting.

A glamour photography portfolio

Location plays an integral part of any shoot and especially for models who have booked their session for a professional portfolio. Indoors or outdoors, the same characteristics apply. Location can make or break a shoot. Hire a photographer who has the photographic and image enhancing skills to make your finished images top of the range.

In the mood

Atmospheres can range from sultry, gloomy, with shadows, or bright and full of sunlight. The camera lens will pick up the mood and focus on you, embracing the mood in the setting with your emotions alive.

glamour photo-studio London or outside

The best back drop may not be in a studio. Many of the most successful sites for glamour work are not always shot in the city. Sandy beaches, posing in a harbour location, on a yacht, in a countryside setting or in an historic mansion can make equally attractive places for photographs.


The City skyline and the interiors of upmarket hotels make superb backgrounds for glamour photos. Imagine a luxury bedroom suite with four poster beds and satin sheets and you stretched across looking temptingly sexy.