Top tips for glamour photography in London

A good London glamour photographer will have an excellent make-up and post-production team working alongside him or her on final images to smooth out your skin and eliminate most of the minor areas of uneven tone. However, you can help them by presenting a healthy-looking skin on which they can work their magic. 

Eat a healthy diet

This really will help to make you glow and is essential for glamour photography London images. Include a varied amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. This will provide your skin with essential vitamins and help to regulate the pH balance. Too much dairy foods can be the cause of blotchy red patches on the skin. On the day before your shoot, keep to foods with which your system is familiar rather than indulge in something you have never tried before thinking you are giving yourself a treat. If it upsets you, it will show on your facial expression and on your skin the next day. Avoid foods to which you are aware you have an intolerance and for several days before the shoot.

Drink plenty

This will hydrate your skin, ready for a glamour photography photo-shoot in London. To look good, the skin needs to be watered. It is that simple. Drink 2 litres of water a day – not mean fizzy or sugary drink which should be avoided. This will flush out toxins. As the day of the shoot draws near, lower this intake of liquid, or the excess of water could make you feel, and look, bloated and heavy. Avoid alcohol for at least a week before the shoot. Apart from making your eyes look bleary, it can cause reddening of surface capillaries which is hard to conceal.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise 

Make this simple routine a lifetime habit, rather than a quick fix before a photo-shoot in a glamour photography studio in London. Adopting a regular routine for cleansing your skin will prevent pores from clogging and keep skin looking fresh and healthy.  

Even after a late night out or a stressful day at work, avoid the temptation of going to bed without properly cleaning your skin. If you can’t afford toner, splashing cold water onto your skin after cleansing is a good alternative. Then follow with a good moisturiser to prevent drying. 

Striding into a glamour photo-shoot with great skin will help you to feel confident and at ease. 

If you’d like to find out more about glamour photography in London, or how you can have magazine quality photographs taken, please contact me.