Top posing tips for London glamour photography models

It isn’t just about a London glamour photographer taking great pics of you. You, as the model, also have a huge part to play. You can support the photographer to get the best from the shoot by knowing a little bit in advance about the best ways to pose.

This is an area where many amateur and aspiring professional models feel most anxiety. Understand a few simple steps to take and you will soon be posing with ease, standing, sitting, lying down, outside or indoors in a London glamour photo studio.

The great outdoors

When you can interact with the outside world, it will interact with you. Think consciously about the world around you, take notice of shapes of buildings, trees, grass, flowers.

All will have potential to add dimension, vigour or quiet stillness to an outdoor glamour photography in London shoot. Frost and snow can be equally, if not more, glamorous than warm sun and sand. Rain, wind and squall can add fresh contrast.

Glamour photography London

It’s all about mood. The seasons can play an immense part of this. Different shades of light and shadow add new angles, silhouette, tone and interplay. A glamour photography studio in London can offer infinite possibilities with lighting but it cannot replicate the glorious weather differentials and its changing movements.


A glamour photographer in London will be experienced to help you interact with the elements to feel relaxed, rather than threatened by them. Standing is one of the first poses to get right and often the easiest of all the glamour photography London poses.

More amateur than professional

Less experienced models often feel at ease standing whilst they gain confidence and begin to move about. Avoid looking stiff and formal or with arms crossed defensively. Allow yourself to relax without slouching as this will impart a look of fatigue or strain.

The shoot in itself can be tiring especially if it is a lengthy session and it’s good to be aware beforehand of what is most comfortable for you. Practice standing in front of a mirror at home and see how you feel.

Sitting or lying down

You can progress to sitting or lying down once you have mastered standing. You can capture more angle and movement, more light reflection and fluidity. Once you feel comfortable sitting or lying down it is much less tiring to maintain, too, if the photographer wants to shoot more images or to repeat shots.


Wardrobe and style

Glamour photography in London will focus on a broad range of finished photos for display; working with a second model isn’t about compromise, it’s about developing fresh ways of thinking, connecting wardrobe, colours and styles for best creative effect.

With any photography, it’s often about looking at new features, new effects and styles, rather than doing the same safe thing.