What if I suffer from anxiety with London glamour photography?

What if I suffer from anxiety with London glamour photography?

Feeling tense or nervous in front of a camera, especially if it is your first time in a glamour photography studio in London, is common. At UK Glamour Photo-video, we are aware of this difficulty. When you arrive at the studio, one of the first things we do is make sure you feel comfortable and at ease. This means settling you into your surroundings as well as giving you a personal welcome.


Our team are friendly and understanding. For great results at glamour photography in London, we believe in good communication, allowing you to express your fears or worries. We give you time to become familiar with the studio and acquainted with the various areas. 

Nice to see you!

We engage with you and get to know your character and preferences in an open, non-judgemental way. You may have lots of questions, and we answer these and resolve any problems you may have, such as worry about your hair, clothes, skin, or make-up. You may be surprised how, within a short time, you will feel as if you are at home.

Follow me!

The variety of equipment required for glamour photo-shoots in London can often on first sight make newcomers feel daunted. There is no need to feel put off by the array of cameras, lens and lights. Invariably, we find that simple gestures can quickly melt any feelings of stress. This might be showing you how things work and accompanying you on a brief tour to help you become acquainted with everything. 

Enjoy London Glamour Photos!

We show you the various props and explain how each can work to deliver a different background. We talk about atmosphere and what mood might suit you best. We ask if you would like to diversify and try different poses or experiment with more unusual styles or an alternative mood. 

Just relax!

An experienced London glamour photographer knows that when you feel good, you look good. Self-confidence in front of the camera stems from feeling relaxed. We also want you to feel happy. At the end of the glamour photo-shoot, we hope you go home feeling uplifted, carrying the memory of an enjoyable day…and wanting to return for more.

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If you’d like to find out more about glamour photography in London, or how you can have magazine quality photographs taken, please contact me, Mick Capture