What is a glamour photography workshop in London?

Glamour photography is a specialised area and one which needs defined skills and know-how. It is therefore essential to learn the techniques at a proper course of training in London glamour photography, led by an experienced specialist in this field.

Photography workshop in glamour images in London

The course I have developed is specifically tailored towards aspiring London glamour photographers, wanting to break into this world.

Getting comfortable

On the course you will learn in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, often with lots of humour, engaging with both myself and fellow-attendees. With hands-on experimentation, you can become acquainted with the mechanics of how to set up practical and authentic lighting. This will involve different techniques, incorporating light and dark, using varying lenses and different angles.

The model-photographer relationship is very different in glamour work. Your model must, at all times, feel comfortable in your presence, both in and out of pose. Getting the very best out of your model is essential; a relaxed model and a confident photographer will produce the best results, which can often be stunning images.

How to learn the craft of glamour photography

Learning any new craft takes time and patience. By attending my London glamour photography workshop, you can also learn from watching others, including myself. You can then adapt your newly-acquired skills to create your own catalogue of work.  My courses give you the opportunity to understand each technique before moving on to the next.

Get the lights on

Lighting is especially important in glamour photography due to each model being different and having a different set of features to work with, including skin tone. It is also special because each model you work with will require a different mood and ambience and lighting can have a huge effect on atmospheric quality. For example, shooting a model posing for an image for a glossy magazine where background is important will be quite different to one which requires a fairly plain studio shot effect.

Overhead chandeliers or dimmed bedroom or bathroom lighting can have a superb – or disastrous – effect on the finished product, and it is usually down to lighting.

For more information about shooting glamour images, or to find out more about my introduction to glamour photographic courses in London, please contact me, Mick Capture, on: 07526 439 946.