What is the process for London glamour photography?

As a leading glamour photographer in London, this is a question I get asked frequently. It’s easy when you know how. When you are new to posing in a London glamour photo-studio, it can make the most confident of models feel awkward and unsure. We welcome questions being asked about the process and will go out of our way to help you understand what happens where, why, when, and how.

Hair: planning for glamour photos in London

One of the biggest worries when booking in for glamour photo-shoots in London is worry about having a typical bad hair day and arriving at the studio looking – and feeling – a mess. Or people fret about their hair not looking as glamorous as others. Whatever style, colour or texture of hair you have, we have a first-class team of hair stylists on hand in the studio. When you arrive at a London glamour photography studio, and after you feel settled and ready to proceed, our style experts will step in with shampoo, conditioner, blow wavers, tongs, combs and brushes and get going. They will carefully and professionally style your hair, helping you to look and feel glamorous and ready to be photographed. Escort photographer London.

Make-up: leave it to the professionals

After having your hair styled, it is time for make-up. Again, there is no need to panic. Sometimes, models are not confident of applying make-up or not used to wearing much and worry it will look smudged or uneven. Others feel concern that for camera work, they should be using a different technique for make-up application and they don’t know where to begin. Or, they are frightened of overdoing things a bit and looking like a freak. At our superb glamour photography studio in London, experienced and talented make-up artists will do your make-up for you, knowing exactly what works under the hot studio lights. They will use their professional know-how to apply make-up that will look good in the photos.

Clothes: help, what can I wear?

Our wardrobe stylists know their job. After hair and make-up, they will work tirelessly, paying attention to detail. They can instantly spot where a small snag, fraying or mark on material might ruin a finished photo. Their understanding of fabrics and how to mix and match colours to suit individual models is unsurpassed.

Whilst the process may look effortless, it is seamlessly planned. I choose my team with the utmost care. I carefully select stylists who are focused, demonstrate enthusiasm with exceptional talent and are skilled. 

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