Feeling good, looking great in a London glamour photography studio
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From pimples to unmanageable hair or bloating, there’s always the fear that something’s going to get in the way of a perfect shoot. Here’s your five day countdown and some top tips for making sure that you arrive for your London glamour photography shoot in tip-top shape.

Photo shoot minus five days 

Sunburned skin is really tricky to effectively mask under studio lights, so the few days before a shoot you should try to keep covered up and avoid exposure to direct sunlight to avoid uneven tan, or overly red pigmentation. When you do head out, remember to apply sun block to areas of your face and body that are prone to burning. 

Three days and counting 

For glamour photos London is the best and it’s not just about what you expose your body to, but also what you put into it. In the last few days before a shoot you should try to reduce your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. We all know the dietary value of our five a day, but we also know the effect they can have on us, and a bloated midsection is not a great glamour look. All things in moderation, and you’ll be fine.   

Twenty-four hours to go 

In the final day before a shoot, it’s more about what you shouldn’t do, rather than what you should. It’s tempting to run through all those pampering procedures you’d enjoy before a big night out, such as applying the fake the tan and styling and lacquering your hair.  

All of these are better left undone before a glamour shoot. Fake tan, unless professionally applied, actually makes a makeup artist’s and photographer’s job much harder, and overly styled hair makes it more problematic to attempt different looks throughout the shoot.

Sixty minutes to go 

Again, relax, enjoy and anticipate. Don’t worry about applying your own makeup, you’ll have a team of stylists at your disposal who know exactly what’s going to work under studio lighting, where the normal rules don’t apply. 

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