Glamour photo-shoots London for you
Posted by Mick Capture
Glamour photography London is a popular choice for thousands of women from all over the UK. Most women love the thought of looking temptingly glamorous and it is dream to do so in front of a snapping camera lens.

Delight in make up

As a well-known London glamour photographer with my own designated studio I know the importance of professionally applied make-up. My in-house stylists will be on scene in the studio whilst the shoot is in progress for regular touch-ups as well as the initial application.

Jump with surprise

Why not do something spontaneous and book a phot shoot at a glamour photography studio in London. Don’t feel anxious at being photographed in lacy lingerie. You will be surprised at how natural and relaxed you will feel, posing with quiet energy, radiating inner beauty.

Definitely different

Feel the fear and do it anyway. There is absolutely nothing to feel frightened about. You will feel so proud of your finished shots, ready to show them off to friends and admirers.

Remember, remember

Doing something different can fill you with pride and wonder. A glamour photography portfolio is a gift to yourself for lifelong memory.

Glamorous new you

Have a go at anything. Give your self-esteem a boost and watch your confidence soar. See yourself in stunning photos you have dreamed of. See glamorous, be glamorous, feel glamorous.

London glamour photography

See the difference. With professional stylists, you can be transformed. Hair, make-up, wardrobe all get the top style treatment.

Star transformation

Feel like a movie star for a whole glorious day. Enjoy being the centre of attention with the camera trained firmly on you. You will feel energised, enriched, dazzlingly different and just plain special.


Let the experience of glamour photography be an exciting challenge, a world away from your usual daily routine. Take yourself into fresh, tangy, exhilarating new areas and learn how it feels to be a model for a day.

A star is born

Choose your star location and feel to the manor born. A penthouse suite might be your preferred location, a rooftop balcony, a country setting or with a sparkling river backdrop.

See and be seen

See yourself on film and let your friends, family and acquaintances see you too…an out of this world memory that will enthral and captivate.


Visit to get booked in for your first shoot.

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