London glamour photography: discovering real beauty
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The days are slowly passing when a single ideal of female beauty cowed ‘imperfect’ women. We’re entering an age of diversity, where women define beauty in their own terms, and are readier and more confident in dismissing the tyranny of perceived female perfection. Hence, the emergence of glamour photography studios in London.

Perfect imperfections

We are redefining beauty. Increasingly, women of all races, ages, shapes and sizes are becoming female role models, demanding their stories be heard and their beauty recognised. Models are increasingly being signed by the big agencies for their uniqueness or representativeness, their character and their curves and the lives they have lived, and are being photographed with vitality and honesty.

Celebrity endorsement

The glitterati are more vocal than ever in this new, active feminism, in which each generation of women supports the next. Drew Barrymore has talked about her newfound confidence in herself, and the importance of letting her daughters know how beautiful they are, and that ‘insecurity is not an option’. Kate Winslet discusses with her daughter their shared good fortune in having great curves and healthy bodies.  

Owning it

For millennial women beauty is increasingly walking tall, looking directly into the camera lens and having confidence in yourself. This, increasingly, is what makes a woman beautiful. The glamour photography studio in London has always been at the forefront of this movement. 

Getting the most from the experience 

For the glamour photographer in London, it has always been about real women celebrating their curves, their sexuality, their confidence and their control. From the moment you enter the studio to the moment you leave, you decide how you want to present yourself, who you want to be, and then work with your photographer, stylist and makeup artist to ensure you create the images of yourself you deserve. You interpret what glamour means to you, and make it work to suit your own ends. That’s real beauty. Dictated by you. 

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