How often have you felt that you’re not worthy of attention, that you’re not good enough, beautiful enough, that you don’t matter enough or that a glamour photography portfolio belongs only to the stars??

n the age of airbrushed celebrity, where stars become famous simply for the way they look, and physical perfection often seems the ultimate arbiter of worth, it’s difficult not to feel inadequate at least some of the time. Women in particular are left feeling they don’t measure up: that they aren’t thin enough, young enough, or glamorous enough. Yet a glamour photography studio in London can be yours, whatever your age or background, even if you are not a model or celebrity.

The fight-back

In reaction to this cult of physical perfection there is, thankfully, a growing counter-culture of empowerment, with real women reclaiming their lives and their bodies, and celebrating the power and the sexiness of every woman. A glamour photographer London knows this well.

Gok Wan spearheaded this unofficial campaign, in the process elevating himself to ‘national treasure’ status. His TV shows empowered women to be proud of their bodies, as he took them on a journey of discovery, helping them firstly in finding an inner confidence through the clothes they wore, and then through discarding them.

Not hiding any more

When you can feel a warm glow of self-satisfaction on seeing a thirty foot high photo of yourself naked, displayed on an advertising hoarding in Times Square (as several of his subjects did), then that’s a real achievement. It’s a self-acknowledgement that you are good enough, sensual enough and glamorous enough, and there’s no need to hide away.

Working together

This is exactly what a glamour photographer in London aspires to do. They aim to build a model’s confidence in front of the camera so that they feel inspired to be their natural, best self, allowing a natural sensuality and charisma to shine through.

The London glamour photography studio, and the access it provides to sophisticated lighting equipment, expert stylists and talented photographers, ensures the results of any photographic collaboration will see you wanting your photos illuminating Times Square.

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