London glamour photography: top prep tips
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Once you arrive at your London glamour photography studio, you put yourself in the capable, professional hands of your stylist and photographer; it is their job to make you look better than you ever have before for your glamour photos London. Pre-glamour photo shoots London, however, there are a range of steps you can take to ensure that the best possible ‘you’ turns up on the day. Here are three top tips for ensuring you get the most out of your glamour shoot, and leave with photos that you can be proud of.

Dietary advice

In the forty-eight hours before a shoot there are certain foods that should be avoided entirely, or only eaten in moderation. Try to avoid sodium, as this is likely to cause bloating. Fresh fruits and vegetables, however good they may be for you, will have a similar effect. And although you will want to keep hydrated, drinking litres of water is also best avoided.

Fake tan ban

However tempting it may be to apply bronzer pre-shoot, this is rarely a good idea. Photographers will often spray water or oil onto the skin to achieve lustre or add definition, and most bronzers will streak, something which is tricky to conceal in post production. It’s actually much easier for a photographer to apply a filter during a shoot, or in Photoshop post-shoot, to simulate tanned skin. Also, pale skin is actually very sexy.


It’s much better to turn up to the studio fresh faced rather than heavily made up, and with your hair styled naturally. Take advantage of your professional stylist to apply (and reapply) makeup which will compliment the theme of the shoot, and similarly to style your hair. Photographers and stylists will also understand the type of makeup which works best under studio lighting conditions, and in post production when retouching images.

Over to the professionals

Follow these three tips and you should arrive at the studio in perfect shape for the professionals. Time to relax, put yourself in their capable hands, and let the magic begin.

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