One of the most fashionable trends in London glamour photography at the moment is the bedroom shoot. The classic boudoir photo shoot is an increasingly popular area for a professional London glamour photographer to shoot classy shots of you.

The atmosphere is more intimate than in a studio and most models love the comfort that can be derived from a bedroom shoot, in revealing their bodies to the lens, often feeling vastly more at ease when inexperienced.

Enjoy showing off: Glamour Modelling

I can arrange a shoot to your exact specifications. When you are actively involved in the work and doing what you enjoy, you will warm to the click of the camera very quickly, showing yourself off to the best with every turn of your body.

A bedroom makes a superb backdrop to get this process off to a good start. It’s the place where you can really relax and let the camera focus on you. A bedroom is feminine although London boudoir photography can work equally well in a living room.

Wardrobe Stylists: Your Style, Your Wardrobe

The clothing that works best in a bedroom setting is lingerie. Sensual and delicate, in any colour from black to purple, white to green, it always enhances the image you are aiming for and looks good.

Black and white works very well in this setting as it can impart a subtle, less is more feel to the pictures. It also adds an element of past nostalgia to a bygone age, especially in an antique setting.

The choice is yours with UK Glamour

Bring your own garments if they are intact and in excellent condition. The glamour photography London scene is also full of top quality wardrobe stylists who can select outfits for you, you only have to say.

Creating a Photography Portfolio: Be different!

Creating a glamour photography portfolio may not be for you. The great thing about a boudoir shot is that you can use the pictures as gifts, or for a treat for yourself, or just as a lovely memory to keep.

Photography Accessories

Mirrors, satin bed sheets, plump pillows and a classy bed or chaise longue are the only props needed for this type of shoot and adds to the feeling of privacy which glamour photography London provides.

Glamour Photography studios in London: The popular choice

A glamour photography studio in London can offer you lots of choice and options but why not first explore the challenge and fun of being photographed in a luxurious bedroom first.

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