Sleek, glossy, well presented hair is essential when posing for glamour photography in London; only the most complimentary style to suit you will work well on film. It’s the job of a professional, well trained hair stylist to tease your locks into curls, soft ringlets, straight, short, well defined or uncomplicated. Styled to perfectionMy team of experienced stylists get it right every time; they are a credit to my company, perfecting any hair type, long or short, fine, flyaway, curly or thick.

When your hair looks good, you feel good; your personality lifts to a fresh level, your self-confidence rises and the lens captures the mood. I only invite experienced professionals onto my team, people I know I can work with and trust. They will sculpt your tresses into picture perfect beautiful hair; using modern equipment and top of the range products to smooth, crimp, curl and blow wave, your face will be enshrined in a stunning head of hair. With soft flowing tendrils, and delightfully conditioned hair that simply shines under the lights, you will sense the magical flavour that only a glamour photo studio London of high worth can exude.

Glamorous and gorgeous

Catering to your every need, our hair-styling team will be on the set as soon as you arrive to help you settle in, engaging with you in a light hearted, welcoming manner. You will find yourself relaxing, while your hair gets the full glamour treatment using the best waxes, shampoos, gels, sprays and conditioners. It makes no difference if your preference is the classic look, a stunning contemporary image, a reflection of charm, vitality or simple cool chic, our artistic and creative stylists will work to capture the expression. Complimenting your best features goes in partnership with our make-up artists, who will complete the flawless, model looks for your unforgettable London glamour photography experience.

The art of hairstyling

Precision in creative hair styling is an art and I have complete confidence in the skills and knowledge of my team of hair specialists. They produce eclectic styles, rather than standard templates, adding dimension, taste and definition. This is a reflection of exactly what a first rate glamour photographer in London seeks to achieve. A great stylist will possess in-depth knowledge of exciting techniques, giving your hair the staying power to last under hot lights and lots of movement throughout the shoot.

An invitation to indulge

I want all my models to feel comfortable having their picture taken, as if they’re on holiday. A spectacular, vibrant and inviting picture depends more than anything on this factor; the ability to achieve this atmosphere is what separates a good photographer from a mediocre one. If you would like to hear more about our hair styling, give me a call on m. 07526 439 946.