Light trails on the Westminster bridge after sunset. Big Ben and House of Parliament in London, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The setting and background in which any photography is shot is an integral part of the authenticity and ambience that you need to get the best pictures.

Dream scene

In the effervescent world of London glamour photography, every detail contributes to the complete picture. I love to portray models in a whole breadth of real life locations: nestled within the serenity of nature, on earthy, living farms, in dazzling nightclubs, busy urban city life or classic studio sets.

Go one step further and we find ourselves shooting pictures of you, deliciously decadent or smoothly sophisticated: on a windswept sandy beach, at a simple country abode, a garden retreat, a humble apartment or lavish country mansion.

Special effects

I am stimulated by professional pride and passion for my work; finding exotic, spicy, dramatic or plain and simple backdrops for my pictures is part of my love for photographic creativity; I believe in giving you unusual, sensual and artistic images, based on location where magic and originality supersede clichéd templates.

Each and every one of you is special, suited to a different background of texture, colour and light, bringing out your inner life force, and strength of character.

A professional glamour photographer in London will go far and wide, away from the bright lights of the capital; he will traverse hills and valleys, winding lanes, quaint villages and race along fast and furious city streets to find what is right for you.

Wild child or Lady of the Manor

My very own glamour photography studio in London, with lots of props, gives me added choice of ultra-chic, cool and laissez-faire or glam rock and just right.

I am supremely confident that with my unrivalled access to vibrant, throbbing or soft and tranquil locations, together with my synchronised backing team, you will have a photographic shoot of your lifetime, revelling in every last drop.