Glamour photography London

For a vibrant, polished-to-perfection glow of utmost glamour, retouching is the key; to create an effective, tasteful finish, a professional helping hand is vital.

As an experienced glamour photographer in London, I am dedicated to achieving perfection, allowing you to look your dreamlikebest; I can smooth over the imperfections we all have, whilst retaining your personality and most vivid, exciting features.

Stylish and cool

Lighting plays an important part of any photographic shoot, combined with the careful application of make-up from some of the finest brands available.

For that fabulous style of quintessential studied grace, sheer beauty or a complete transformation, my retouching techniques can complete the desired look.

Teeth can be brightened, blemishes eliminated, irregularities corrected, redness reduced or make up adjusted, according to your request and preferences. My great team of stylists and make-up artists are always willing to give you impartial advice to help you achieve the very best from your personal photo shoot.

Glamour photo-shoots London

In my purpose built glamour photography studio in London I use top end retouching skills to enhance the look of your high resolution images; my specialised techniques retain an authentic, natural reflection of you; you see a beautiful, flawless finish, with correct texture and detail, not a false, synthetic look that lacks character.

I work with the latest equipment and a superb team of engaging, competent and well qualified, professional hair and make-up artists. Together, we energise and motivate; we create and achieve. Add on style and finesse, and whatever your age, shape, size or height, you will walk out with a magnificent range of photos, depicting you at your scintillating best.

A vivid memory

The images can be produced for a personal memento, a commercial shoot, glamour or lingerie portfolio, editorial, syndication or agency.

My passion for glamour photography is to make your day enjoyable and one to remember with satisfaction and pride.

If you have high resolution images that you simply wish us to touch up, please get in contact, we will be more than willing to help.

If you are a commercial client and need London glamour photography, I will personally ensure that our model looks stunning and glamorous to suit your needs.

Portfolio tips

Building your portfolio, or using our services for advertising and promotion, is easy; we can adjust, enhance, change a number of items and produce superlative results:

  Teeth brightening & whitening

  Removal of red eye

  Lightening dark photos

  Adding make-up

  Reducing or removing blemishes

  Evening skin tone

  Colouring hair

For the best glamour photos London, read our great tips to help avoid excessive retouching:

  Hold your gaze

  Look at the camera without blocking your eyes with your hair

  Ensure your body or face takes up the shot

  Use soft lighting – bright lights can spoil a good photo shoot.

However, should you wish to sharpen your features, remove blemishes, change the colour of your eye makeup or adjust the lighting, we can retouch as you require.

I’ll be pleased to explain further if you have any questions or wish to make a booking: contact me on m. 07526 439 946 or e-mail me, Mick Capture: