Classic Glamour Lighting Workshop with Amber Sienna

NEW edition

15th of September 2018

Due to great popularity of the workshop with Amber we would like to announce our next Classic Glamour Photography Lighting Workshop held at our state of art MS Photo-Studios. The workshop will teach you the classic glamour lighting style seen in the 80’s and the 90’s in top lads’ magazines like US Playboy, Penthouse where lighting the model and the set was a craft on it’s own and photographers used to built lighting sets with often more than 10 lights just to light one model. Mick Capture will explain you how to build this kind go lighting set up step by step and achieve the look that cannot be done in any other way (ie. photoshop or natural light).


The workshop will be a learning experience so please do not confuse it with a group shoot or model day. All attendees will get a chance to take good pictures on the sets build but the main focus of the event will be to get the knowledge that youtube do not give you Smile. The workshop is focused on explaining complex lighting sets-ups with use of up to 7 lights with various modifiers including zoom-spots, constant light with Fresnel lens, ring light, flags and others.

The Crew:

  • Tutor – Mick Capture



  • Make-up artist/hair stylist.


Date and Time: 15th of September 2018, 10am-5pm


Location: Canning Town, London


Max number of attendees: max. 6 photographers

What will be covered:


  • Light modifiers explained: zoom spot, Fresnel lens attachment, CTO and CTB gels – when and where we use them, flags,  more common light modifiers ( soft boxes, strip boxes, beauty dish, octa bank ) briefly explained.


  • Balancing strobes to your ambient/constant light and mixing strobes with video LED lights.


  • Working in a studio environment and building sets in an empty studio space explained.


  • Importance of style, styling, make up and hair – our make internationally published make up artist/ hair stylist will explain the importance and differences between every day make up and make up for photography and film.


  • Building a mood-board and 5P rule ( Perfect Planing Permits Perfect Photographs )


  • Posing your model ( yes, it is you, the photographer who is in control of your model’s performance not her! )

All attendees will get a chance to assist the tutor during the shoot, they will be asked to help to set up the lights and build the set in order to get better idea and experience of what actually is going on on the set in opposite to just watching everything from a distance and missing a lot of important elements of the process.


For more information, price and booking info please send us an e-mail.